Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Simple Stories Carpe Diem - Planner Love by Fiona Johnstone

Hello everyone 

Happy New Year. Today is my first post of the year, and I am super excited to share my plans for organisation, in the form of my fabulous new Simple Stories Planner.  I am seriously in love with it and hope it will help keep me organised and on track this year!!
I've had a lot of fun setting my planner up and have purchased lots of complimentary bits and pieces as well as using lots of other Simple Stories SNAP sticker embellishments . The first page opens up to a cheery transparency. The left side of the planner has plenty of room to put all the bits and pieces you will need to work on your planner on the go.
But if you don't have enough room, there is also this fantastic zipper pouch that fits lots and lots inside! I've tried to stick with stickers and die-cuts for embellishing my pages so they are nice and flat but I have added a couple of enamel shapes along the way - they're not too lumpy bumpy!
So much room to personalise in between the dividers and pretty up the pages! I've even used a banner & sign that is a downloadable freebie on the Simple Stories FB page. 
When it comes to getting organised this planner has you covered! A large overview of each month that you can individually personalise with the year and days. I've used this section to right down the main things we've planned for this month, when I'm working, when there are birthdays on, when the kids go back to school... things like that! The icon calender stickers and numbers are perfect for this!
Then you have a spot to put in more details of appointments and activities. I've colour coded my planner for each family member. I plan to add some comments as the day ends for Project Life purposes. I have the Plastic Bookmarks which come in a three pack, perfect to mark your spot. 

I've added some Basic Dividers & Basic Inserts to add specific sections to my planner. This first section is for my DT commitments. This page is my January To Do list for All About Scrapbooks. I will add some challenge blogs and other creative projects to the list!
In this section I have also used the Make a List sheets, and added a title of Notes, for any ideas I have in relation to my DT commitments. The basic inserts also comes with other sheets including a meal planner to add to your planner. 
The basic planner also comes with a list for contacts and a year overview, as well as a notebook at the back. I'm loving it!

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Products Used:
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Simple Stories Carpe Diem - Plastic Bookmarks 
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  1. How gorgeous this looks! I have a planner for the first time this year too! Hope I keep it up. The Simple Stories looks so good, lovely and bright and fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing, looks so lovely, how could you not use it. Hope it helps to keep you on track.